Attention: Exporting restraints on tobacco products to Australia
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About Nicotine Prescriptions In AU

About Nicotine Prescriptions In AU As of October 1st, 2021, regulations on importing nicotine into Australia are changing, and customers from Australian will be required to have a valid medical prescription to legally access nicotine products. The good news is, if you are only importing vape devices or 0mg vape product, presripction is NOT REQUIRED.


NO. We need to upload your valid doctor’s nicotine prescription on to DHL for customs declaration. If you placed an order with us without uploading prescription, we will get in touch with you for the procedure. Once you provide the needed prescription, we will dispatch your order.

Yes, We do not store your prescription against your account for your privacy. All of your information is secured and is simply attached to your consignment.

Please be acknowledged, from 1 October 2021, the penalty for importing nicotine e-liquid/pods without a prescription could incur a fine of up to AUD222,000 under the Customs Act 1901. The offence carries 1,000 penalty points at $222 each.

More information from the TGA.